27 - 29 Jul, 2022

JIEXPO, Kemayoran

Pamerindo Indonesia to Hold Debut Expo ‘Hotelexpo Indonesia and Specialty Food Indonesia’ in 2020

Top trends in 2020 will be unveiled at the event. 

Pamerindo Indonesia, an Indonesia’s leading trade fair organiser introduces a new launch of its most-anticipated Food and Hospitality Series show, Hotelexpo Indonesia and Specialty Food Indonesia (previously named Hotelex Indonesia and Finefood Indonesia). Covering the latest trend and innovation in hospitality and specialty food sector, the expo will be held on July 22-24, 2020 at JIEXPO Kemayoran, Jakarta. 

It will attract thousands of retailers, business owners, and industry professionals from across countries to explore the key advances to look out for, including hospitality technology, hospitality style, hospitality interiors & amenities and foodservice to meet the needs of our potential buyers. 

“We have led the global market for decades under the Pamerindo Indonesia and Informa Markets food and hospitality shows. However, this time we will highlight a more focused products and smart technologies in food & hospitality. Among the cutting-edge breakthroughs, our research stated, the forecasted 2020 trends will include automated hospitality appliances, smart food storage, and sustainable amenities and food production; that will be presented at this expo” said Ben Wong, Managing Director of Pamerindo Indonesia. 

Equipment breakthrough presents new ways to protect product and service quality 

Serving key industry players in food and hospitality sectors for over a decade, Pamerindo Indonesia also found how technology has changed the way consumers relate with the product and experience. “Most consumers see technology as the most effective tools to ensure quality, both in hospitality and specialty food. Hence, opting a right technology for your coffee grinders, brewing or ice cream machine, even for your food storage, maintenance and packaging equipment are highly important to deliver the best product quality for your customer’s satisfaction,” added Astied Julias, Event Director Hotelexpo Indonesia and Specialty Food Indonesia.

Automation to optimize customer satisfaction and the rise of sustainable accommodation 

The self-service hotel and hospitality are on the rise, supported by a research from Deloitte, that the products of artificial intelligence will shine in the travel and hospitality industry. 

“It includes automation and machine learning, that mainly aim to overcome the repetitive tasks and operations and unpredictability created from variation in traveler preferences. 

Hence, we need to start emphasizing technology applied in smart hotels, for example by moving toward digital check-in and keyless room entry, tech appliances to automate cleaning and maintenance process, as well as smart security devices for hotels; that will be highlighted in our upcoming expo,” added Astied Julias. 

Another hospitality trend that is increasingly popular is sustainable accommodation, supported by a research by that over 50% of global travelers are now more determined to choose sustainable accommodation. “It emphasizes on eco-friendly products, such as packaged food and amenities with paper-based and biodegrable packaging material. However, the most sustainable package of food and hospitality amenities can only be achieved with a right technology, to make every processing step easier and cost-friendly,” Astied Julias concluded. 

About Pamerindo Indonesia: 

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