The buffet is gone and a la carte is back – a positive Coronavirus effect

Buffets are banned because Coronavirus doesn’t allow us to breath, sneeze and cough all together at a buffet table. Fair enough, we have to live with that. What alternative do we have? A la carte – and that is good! Nevertheless, there were many advantages to a buffet… but we shouldn’t be too sad that […]

5 ways technology helps hoteliers adapt to the new normal

Demand for travel is beginning to return as COVID-19 restrictions gradually ease. Many of those who have endured lockdowns all over the world are eager to make travel reservations and experience a slice of normality. This should be good news for hoteliers, but it does not signal the end of the challenge. Post-COVID recovery will […]

COVID-19 summer booking trends for hoteliers

Globally, the hotel industry should be enjoying the height of the summer tourist season. Instead, COVID-19 is impacting tourism numbers like we’ve never seen before – government lockdowns, border closures, and reduced airline schedules have all played a role in affecting people’s decision to travel.   Although travel is not yet returning on a global […]

Skyrocket your guest reception by implementing these 3 strategies

The hospitality industry is getting increasingly competitive because hotel guests demand flawless experiences all the way from their check-ins to check-outs. Tourists are more likely than ever to change brands if they feel like someone else can raise the bar and offer even slightly better customer service. In such circumstances, the importance of first impressions becomes vital. […]

Ways to reinvent hotel design to prevent the spread of communicable diseases

A few months before the Coronavirus outbreak, I published an article about Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).  In it I explained that CPTED is nothing more than an enhanced version of the design strategy ‘Form Follows Function’ – well known amongst architects and interior designers. Designing hotels smarter, more practically, and with the knowledge […]

What hotels can learn from the tech industry about marketing

Hotels across the globe are facing the highest levels of uncertainty seen since WW2. As markets reopen, there are no clear paths or timelines to when business travel or vacation travel will return to 2019 levels, with many saying it could be 2023 or after. In some cases, whole segments of the travel industry seem less and less […]

New data shows initial signs of travel industry recovery

According to new consumer research from BVA BDRC and supported by Expedia Group search data, Americans are increasing their intent to travel this summer, a positive indicator for the industry. While U.S. domestic and regional travel searches steadily dropped throughout March and into the first week of April, search has been steadily climbing over the […]

FAST: Future Proofing The Retail Food Industry

Understandably, the retail food industry has been consumed with responding to current events. With a global pandemic rocking the market, we have seen an unprecedented impact on the retail industry in general and the food industry in particular. For years, I have focused on the chart below that measures “share of stomach”, the percentage of […]

A hotelier’s guide for navigating the next normal

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, hotels are re-envisioning the lodging experience as consumer preferences and behaviors shift.  Globally, hotels will need to work diligently to prepare for the “next normal” and instill confidence in guests.  Trust is Earned Through Effective Communication  One of the biggest challenges hotels will face is ensuring the safety of […]