Path to Gelato World Cup Competition 

The Gelato culture is an emerging industry in Indonesia, quickly gaining popularity amongst the Indonesian, allowing new business avenue with plenty of opportunities in Indonesian markets.

In the upcoming Hotelex Indonesia & Finefood Indonesia 2018. PT. Pamerindo Indonesia in  collaboration with Carpigiani & Carpigiani Gelato - Pastry University / Lotus Food Services to organize a number of Gelato Workshops allowing the participants to have better understanding on how to enter this interesting business, presenting a great quality gelato and at the same time, running a profitable business.


In preparation for the upcoming 2020 Asian Gelato Cup and 2022 World Gelato Cup, the following workshops are offered to the Professional Gelato Chefs, Pastry Chefs and Restaurant Chefs. There will be a portion of the workshop  dedicated to explain how to compete in a Professional Gelato Competion through a correct understanding on the following subjects: Missions, Regulations to participate in competition, Expected Preparations, & Judging Parameters

1. Professional Gelato Chef & Beginners

This workshop will provide an opportunity to have better understanding on various aspects related to opening, operating and managing successful gelatiere in Indonesia. Upon completing  the workshop, the participants will have better understanding  in the following areas, among others: Basic Gelato Course, Various Gelato to meet Customers’ Demand, Gelato Taste & Experience and Other relevant subjects will be determined in due course.

2. Professional Gelato Chef Class

This workshop will provide an opportunity for those Gelato Chefs to advance to the next level of producing  Gelato and a portion of the workshop will be by having Understanding the difference between Milk Based and Water Based Gelato as well as the ability to use locally available ingredients.

3. Professional Pastry Chef Class

This workshop will introduce and provide explanation for the Pastry Chef on a wide range of: Frozen Desserts such as Cakes and Mono Portions; Ability to search for the contrast in taste and texture as well as managing correct cutting temperature to obtain the best result; and Tastings of glasses with Gelato, Semi Frozen, Soft and Crunchy Inserts.

4. Professional Restaurant Chef Class

This workshop will introduce Restaurant Chef on how to incorporate Gelato into the Restaurant Menu and come up with a whole new range of dessert combining culinary ingredients with gelato

Contact here for register:
Aprillia Cagiva, [email protected]